Monday, June 17, 2019

Book Review: Twilight Empress

This book is 2 years old at this point, so why it is still up on Netgalley is beyond me.  Although I took Classical Studies in my undergrad, my classes covered to Constantine.  I am fascinated by this portrayal of Rome and its rulers from this period.
It is a fascinating novel that takes place in Italy just following the fall of Rome.  When Rome is sacked by the Goths, Galla Placidia, sister to the emperor, is taken as a prisoner of war.  Being used as a political pawn doesn’t sit well with her, so she sets her own destiny and builds a life among the Goths.  When her life takes another unexpected turn, she is named Augusta. She is forced to live a life of politics and intrigue up until the very end.
The pacing in this book is excellent!  I could not put it down. I very much enjoyed the secondary characters and how they were used as foils to reflect the change in her.  It was also a realistic portrayal of her being torn between her duties to the empire and her heart.

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